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  • Express Error Handling

    In developing web applications, it is good practice to catch errors and deliver useful information to the end user if something goes awry. Express provides a conventional approach to capturing application errors using its middleware pipeline.

  • The Heroku Procfile

    Procfile is a file that specifies the commands that are executed by an Heroku app on startup. While it is not necessary to include a Procfile for Heroku deployment, a Procfile allows for more startup configuration and the definition of multiple processes that run separate dynos.

  • Minimalist Bird Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile

    Here are two free background wallpapers for desktop or mobile. Created using Inkscape vector graphic software.

  • How to Create Content

    Record something happening.

    Things you’ll need:

    • A Recording device
    • Something happening
  • Get Ubuntu Version from Command Line, VirtualBox

    I recently downloaded Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS.

    In order to type that sentence, I needed to get the version of Ubuntu I downloaded.

  • How to Copy from Terminal, Ubuntu 20.04.4

    If you, like me, have recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop and would like to copy text or output from within terminal you may come to wonder why the beloved Ctrl+C does not do its beloved trick….It may not copy what is highlighted.

  • Install NodeJS on Windows

    So you want to develop NodeJS on Windows. It’s a simple process. Follow these steps:

  • Setting Up Docker Desktop for Windows and WSL2

    Windows Subsystem Linux provides an intuitive Linux development interface for Windows users.

    Unlike the usual Linux Docker installation process where the Docker process is installed and runs as a Linux process, To develop Docker applications within Windows Subsystem Linux, Docker Desktop must be installed and running within the Windows operating system.

  • Deploying a Docker Container on EC2

    Docker makes it easy to run multiple web applications on one server instance. Because it’s container architecture isolates applications and their dependencies, Docker is the software of choice when considering how to deploy multiple applications, databases, and caches and allow them to share resources without colliding namespaces/3rd party library requirements.

    In this solution walkthrough, I deploy a Docker Container onto EC2.

  • Setting up an AWS EC2 Server

    Before a developer can set up a web application on an EC2 instance or similar remote server, there must first be a remote server running that the developer can log into and install software on.

    This is a solution walkthrough of taking an AWS EC2 instance from launch to having a non-default Unix user created. This walkthrough is a prerequisite for setting up web applications suing technologies such as Rails or Docker on an EC2 instance (or similar remote server.)